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“Can’t predict the end date or worried about rising costs on your project?”

“Worried that your building contract is working against you?”

“Too busy organising all the activities to be truly confident you are still on financial track?”


We help residential developers and contractors deliver on their project promises, through a framework of actions and services designed to evaluate risk and head off unwelcome delays or cost overruns

Fixed-period project reviews – providing a quick overview of your situation

Fixed-price  2-party Mediations – helping to restart the conversation

Bespoke solutions – relieving your margin, programme or contractor worries

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Fixed Period Reviews

Helping you quickly understand your key risks and available options.  Allowing you to make confident informed decisions on your next steps.

We offer a choice of review periods and outcomes, dependant on the type or complexity of the challenge you have.

Fixed Price Mediations

Helping to restart the conversation in troubled 2-party relationships.

Our facilitated meetings, allow the parties to create & discuss an agreed list of objectives, finding a pathway to move the relationship & the project forwards.

Bespoke Services

Helping to think through your unique problem, change or training requirement to find the best pathway which aligns your specific priorities.  We also provide the guidance and resources, to bridge the technical & commercial gap between the developer, the contractors and their legal advisors.


“Sue’s logical & honest approach to problem solving within our sector is pretty unique, there is no question of the value she adds when she’s on the Team!”

Rob Perrins

Chief Executive, The Berkeley Group PLC

“Mike’s thorough, logical and patient approach to construction programming has been invaluable to ensuring our projects stay on track”

Kevin Edge

Managing Director, Fonthill Developments

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“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

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